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Windrush Voices: 70/70 Vision

6th October 2018 

On the 6th October, 2018 the Windrush Nurses & Beyond Foundation collaborated with The Diocese of Southwark to hold a thanksgiving service for the Windrush generations. over 1,000 visitors attended this auspicious occasion.


Many of the celebrants  worked for the NHS as nurses, Allied Health Professionals and in other important roles . 


The event was also an opportunity to highlight to role of those who also worked , the Royal Mail, London (regional) Transport, British Rail, the Royal Mint and in our communities as role models.

This was the first time a collective recognition was made to say thank-you for all those that dedicated their working career in the public sector.

As part of the celebration the team held an interactive exhibition called,  'Windrush Voices,' which will reflected on the experience of the workers who came in 40s, 50s and 60s alongside tales from the pioneers of that era.


The Windrush Voices exhibition was a real opportunity to recognise the past in the hope that it inspires the next generation to follow in the footsteps of these pioneers and make a positive change for the future.  


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