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Covid - 19 Update 

We at the Windrush Nurses & Beyond Foundation send our condolences to all those health workers who have lost their lives due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

People from ethnic minority backgrounds constitute 14 per cent of the population but, according to a recent study, account for 34 per cent of critically ill Covid-19 patients and a similar percentage of all Covid-19 cases. These patterns are not unique to the UK – in Chicago, black people constitute 30 per cent of the population but account for 72 per cent of deaths from the virus.

Another analysis found that, of 119 NHS staff known to have died in the pandemic, 64 per cent were from an ethnic minority background (only 20 per cent of NHS staff are from an ethnic minority background). This disproportionate toll is shocking.

On 16 April the UK government announced a formal review, by Public Health England, into these higher death rates. We suggest that the review faces two key questions: why are people from ethnic minorities disproportionately affected by Covid-19 and what will they do about it?


Our focus here will be on what must change in the cultures of NHS organisations. First, however we must consider why so many more staff from NHS minority groups are dying during this crisis.

We welcome the thoughts from our community. 

Supporting the BAME community bereaved by Covid - 19 

The author, activist, and Eater London contributor Riaz Phillips has launched a new digital recipe collection, with entries from over 100 cooks and writers from diasporic communities across the country. Community Comfort, which is available to download now for a minimum donation of £10, will donate all proceeds to the Majonzi COVID-19 Bereavement Fund in collaboration with the Ubele Initiative, which was set up by social commentator, Windrush campaigner, and cultural historian Patrick Vernon to support the communities disproportionately affected by the coronavirus crisis.


Since the collection was made available for purchase yesterday, 9 July, it has been downloaded over 600 times, generating nearly £10,000 in under 24 hours.

In support of our BAME Colleagues who have lost their life due to COVID -19 
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