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Our Story





Founded in 2011, the Windrush Nurses & Beyond Foundation was established to illustrate how people from the Caribbean and African continent  made a fundamental contribution to the NHS in its formative years and subsequently.

Under the Patronage of Baroness Howells of St David, OBE, our focus is to bring alive those individual journeys told from the perspective of nurses and allied professionals who made the decision to embark to the 'Mother Land' to provide an invaluable service to improve the health and well-being of its citizens.

As you will see from subsequent anecdotes these journeys were not without obstacles as many individuals had to endure varying forms of discrimination.

With this in mind we want to share those positive stories of grit and determination based on an inevitable  will to succeed at any cost.

As the NHS continues to evolve, we believe by showcasing these positive experiences and role models, young people from diverse communities can see the benefits of entering the health sector.

Windrush Voices:  Focus in the Community

With Funding from the HERITAGE LOTTERY FUND in 2013 we were able to fulfil our long term aim of providing a series of road-shows, under the banner of Windrush Voices, aimed at inspiring young people into the profession. 


By delivering a programme featuring 'living  historians' who overcame adversity, our hope is to continue sharing the lasting legacies of those cultures represented in the Windrush era during the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. 

As part of our continued approach towards connecting communities, we will also provide opportunities for retired nurses to meet and share experiences in various social settings.



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